Frequently Asked Questions

What is the philosophy of your program?

We believe that learning disabilities and ADHD are simply ‘differences’ in how children process information.   These differences sometimes make it difficult for them to learn by traditional instructional methods.  Learning strengths and areas for growth vary from child to child.  We believe that individualized instruction is the most effective way to maximize each child’s strengths, while also addressing their areas for growth.  Students at Crosland discover how to learn despite their differences in processing information.

What types of children do you have at The John Crosland School?

Our students have mild to moderate learning disabilities.  The admissions policy is fairly broad and involves an in-depth examination of a wide range of criteria.  The John Crosland School does not accept students with emotional behavioral disorders.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

All teachers at Crosland are highly trained to teach children with learning disabilities.  Crosland requires that all teachers pursue opportunities for continued education.  Additionally, Crosland provides annual professional development for teachers.  Teachers at Crosland continuously hone their teaching skills by studying the latest educational trends, techniques and curricular advancements.  Many Crosland teachers possess Master’s Degrees.

How do you decide if a child is ‘right’ for Crosland?

In addition to carefully examining the prospective student’s comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, we also conduct a student interview.  The child then participates in a 3-day school visit.  This multifaceted admissions approach provides Crosland with an intimate assessment of the child’s specific academic strengths and areas for growth.  Crosland strives to address the needs of the “whole child”, and our admissions process allows us to determine whether we can successfully help your child’s academic and social development.

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