Our History

The John Crosland School was established in 1978 by Mary Dore, PhD to address the needs of children with learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder. The original school as founded in 1978 was named Dore Academy. In 2012 the school was renamed The John Crosland School and relocated to the 6-acre property on Parkway Plaza Drive. As the oldest comprehensive and accredited K-12 school of its type in the state, Crosland has touched the lives of more than 3,500 students and families in the region. Dr. Dore believed that every student could learn, and in doing so, become a productive member of society. She also believed that every student with a learning disability should complete high school and be given the opportunity to go on to college, technical school or career of their choice. Dr. Dore believed that advanced education would help students begin a successful career allowing them to ultimately achieve success in life. The program she established thrives today, 39 years later, and is a testament to the founder’s belief in education and the impact it has on society.

Every staff member at The John Crosland School has specific training to ensure that the educational needs of each student are met. A team of Crosland professionals develops a strategic plan for each individual. Students are placed in small groups to maximize individualized instruction and personal attention. Children participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities including community service and athletics. A strong emphasis on technology and the arts broadens and enhances our core program.

Crosland’s mission is to provide students, who have specific attention and learning disabilities, an opportunity to achieve their highest potential. This potential can be demonstrated by returning to a public or private school, graduating from Crosland and attending college, or preparing for a vocation where they can be successful contributing members of society. The John Crosland School also focuses on helping students develop the skills and strategies necessary to overcome their specific learning barrier, and in doing so, perform successfully in a program that does not cater to their specific learning problem. As a result of the skill and dedication of Crosland staff, our children are highly successful in and out of the classroom.

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