“As a parent of a child who struggles with learning disabilities and ADHD, I can truly say finding Dore Academy [The John Crosland School] was a dream come true for our family. Knowing your child is at a school where he or she is not only getting the best and most specialized education by some of the best teachers in Charlotte, they are also gaining love, acceptance, and a growing belief in themsleves. Dore Academy [Crosland] is a gift to these special children.”
Parents of a 1st Grader

“It is difficult to express how Dore Academy [The John Crosland School] has impacted our family. Our son, a fourth grader, is in his third year at the school. In addition to improving upon his education, he is happier and more confident. HIs school and homework experience are less overwhelming. He is welcomed, nurtured, and comforted at school as if it were a second family. We are so very thankful for Dore Academy [Crosland].”
Parents of a 4th Grader

“This year our son began at Dore [Crosland] in the 8th grade, we were asked during a parent-teacher conference what our ambitions were for our son, and what we thought he might be able to achieve. Our response was that our range of expectations was very broad, and his path was not an easy one to project. Now, as he gets ready to graduate and he looks forward to college, his future is brighter than we ever dared to dream. We will be eternally grateful to those at Dore Academy [The John Crosland School] who understood the potential in our son and through talent, caring, good humor, and devotion unlocked his potential and turned his possibilities into a glowing reality.”
Parents of a 12th Grader

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