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Welcome to The John Crosland School where a world of opportunity and success await your child. Crosland is a community of innovative teachers that have created an educational experience for children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), dyslexia and Asperger's that goes beyond the definition of ‘school.’ Our approach helps close the learning gap, and creates well-rounded students in the process. Take a look at the special place called Crosland. Take a look at success and your child's full potential realized.

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Monday Jun 01

Second Semester Exams (Upper S...

Tuesday Jun 02

Second Semester Exams (Upper S...

Wednesday Jun 03

Second Semester Exams (Upper S...

Thursday Jun 04

Last Day of School (half day)

Thursday Jun 04

5th and 7th Grade Promotion

NEW: Foundational Kindergarten

The John Crosland School Foundational Kindergarten Program serves as a bridge from kindergarten to first grade, providing students with the time to develop the fundamental skills needed for success in school.

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