Why Give?

For those that have learning differences (LD) or attention difficulty, the challenge of acquiring the right education is enormous. For more than three decades, The John Crosland School has redefined education for more than 3,500 students with LD. 100% of our students graduate from high school and more than 90% seek a post-secondary education or career path. Your gift to Crosland allows us to continue providing our students with the tools they need to succeed in school and in life.

Charitable gifts to The John Crosland School are not only of tremendous benefit to our students, but they have a positive tax impact for the donor as well. All gifts to The John Crosland School are tax deductible. Our 501(c) 3 tax id is 56-1211583.

Provide an opportunity

For many generations people with LD were given labels like lazy, slow, stupid, poor attitude, low performer, or a failure. During the 20th century, medical science proved LD is a neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to retrieve, process, and store information. LD is not synonymous with an inability to learn. To the contrary, people with LD are often creative thinkers with average- to above-average intelligence and who attain great success. Crosland exists to help institute a paradigm shift in the way society engages with young people with LD or attention disorders by equipping its students to learn in ways that work for them. For more than four decades, The John Crosland School has helped over 3,500 students achieve academic success through individualized expert assessments, educational modification plans, blended learning, assistive technology, a rich curriculum including arts and athletics, and low teacher:pupil ratios.

Improve the community

The John Crosland School plays a vital role not only in the educational community, but in our community as a whole by enabling students to become responsible and contributing members of society. Our students come from eight counties and 21 cities across the Carolinas. 67% come from public schools. It is imperative these students with multi-modal learning and attention differences have access to our highly acclaimed program specifically designed for their educational success.

Enhance student life

A rigorous curriculum is important, but Crosland recognizes the needs of the whole child. That is why, in addition to a superior academic program, we offer physical education, art, music, and social skills on a daily basis. We also offer OT/Speech therapy on site and provide enrichment activities after school, along with athletic programs such as soccer, basketball, track, golf and tennis. To enhance social skills, leadership, and relationship building we have groups such as Mentoring Buddies, Girls Group, Explorers Club, Student Council and required community service hours.

Cultivate potential

The John Crosland School’s students are problem solvers and high-level creative thinkers who add value to our community. The school offers a unique approach to assist each student. Our professionals study each child through private testing conducted by a licensed psychologist. The student’s teachers and parents meet bi-annually at the Educational Management Plan (EMP) meeting to create goals for the student. They design a highly individualized EMP targeting ways the learning difference appears in the child. From there, it is an ongoing process of identifying the need and working creatively to help the student succeed. Some of the ways students are supported include experiential learning, individualized teaching, small class sizes, and a focus on analysis and problem solving.