Mr. Byers

Upper School/8th Grade Science Teacher

Sebastian Byers Profile Picture

Mr. Sebastian Byers has over fifteen years of experience in the science and healthcare fields. He previously taught high school biology and anatomy and physiology at Burns High School in Cleveland County. At Burns High School, Sebastian pioneered online coursework by integrating 21st Century tools which prepared his students to be career and college ready. This summer he will bring his expertise to Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth program as an anatomy instructor. Sebastian is a licensed EMT-Paramedic. He holds two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and successfully completed coursework at Howard University School of Medicine. He is currently enrolled at UNC Charlotte and is completing his NC Science Teacher’s License coursework, leading to a Master’s of Art in Teaching Secondary Sciences. Sebastian’s passion for teaching and science is reflected in his leadership as an NC Integrated Blended Learning Fellow and an NC Inspire Teaching Fellow. He is invested in the teaching community as a member of the NC Technology in Education Society and the National Science Teachers Association.

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