Student Life

The John Crosland School is Charlotte’s oldest college preparatory school for students with learning exceptionalities.  The John Crosland School was originally founded as “The Mary Dore Center for Human Potential” in 1978 as a place where students could come for understanding, acceptance and the highest caliber of educational services.

Crosland strives to create an environment for students that nurtures and protects what we value most in our children: their curiosity, their talents, their character, their humanity and their dreams.  Crosland provides enriching experiences in a supportive and caring educational setting.  Each student is viewed as an individual and each student’s needs are met through the use of individualized, multi-sensory teaching.

We encourage our students to become involved in the life of the school, make new friends and to build new leadership experiences.  We help students to grow in their abilities to study and research independently, to think logically and creatively, to communicate ideas in a meaningful way and to develop their social and interpersonal skills.

A Day in the Life with Asperger’s
In partnership with Southeast Psych, The John Crosland School has completed an insightful and educational project. This new video highlights a week in the life of one of Crosland’s amazing students, Gillian Quigley. A big thank you to both Gillian and the Quigley family for sharing Gillian’s experiences as a teenager with Asperger’s with all of us.

Click here to watch!

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