Ms. Gavin

 School Counselor

Kathleen Gavin

Kathleen Gavin has served as School Counselor at the John Crosland School since February 2015. Before coming to Crosland Ms. Gavin graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from Millersville University and a M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Villanova University.

Ms. Gavin has experience working with children and adults with physical, psychological, and developmental disabilities as well as adolescents struggling with truancy and delinquency. In previous years Ms. Gavin worked as a college and career counselor for high school students in low-income schools, an experience she later used to present at the TEDx Villanova Conference. In addition to her TEDx talk, Ms. Gavin was also published in the Journal of School Counseling for her research regarding the needs of students experiencing homelessness.

Since coming to Crosland Ms. Gavin has served as a co-facilitator of the MS/US Girls Group, as well as creator and co-facilitator of the Big Buddy Project. She enjoys hosting both the College Fair and Career Day here at Crosland and she cannot wait to see the new attendees this year.


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