Ms. Helgeson

Teacher – Middle and Upper School English


Ashley Helgeson teaches Middle and Upper School English for 8-11th grade students, and Senior Creative Writing. Ashley has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, from the University of South Carolina, with a double major in English and History, as well as a concentration in Education. Previously Ashley taught High School Algebra, Geometry, and Freshmen Experience. For the past ten years, Ashley has tutored a variety of subject areas, in both elementary and secondary grade levels. Ashley has also assistant taught and volunteered in various classroom settings. Her passion for school and learning began as a child and she was destined to be a teacher. She loves children of all ages and enjoys motivating them to be their very best selves. In her free time, you may find Ashley volunteering in her community or church, swimming away the summer, or enjoying board and card games with her family.

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