Mrs. Long

Director of Middle School

Lower/Middle School Counselor

Stacy Long

Stacy Long is a vibrant and charismatic leader in education. Stacy joined the John Crosland School in 2015 after serving three years at The Epiphany School of Charlotte where she held the position of Head of School. With a Masters of Education in School Guidance Counseling from Ottawa University and a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona, Stacy’s leadership is founded in experiences as a teacher, a counselor and an administrator.

While working with second graders in Arizona Stacy developed a passion for social and emotional education. She quickly became a K-8 school counselor and began to sense a calling to help students with social communication differences. At the Epiphany School, Stacy had the opportunity to take these experiences and lessons and execute on them in an alternative classroom setting where social communication could become a focus along with academics, supporting both students and families.

Stacy brings her unique skills, experiences and perspectives to the John Crosland staff, students and families as she seeks to deliver quality educational and counseling programs which will support students and families in practical and meaningful ways.

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