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academics | grades 9-12

Our Upper School

The John Crosland School’s Upper School offers an academic, college preparatory program that provides enriching experiences in a supportive and caring educational setting. Each student is viewed as an individual and each student’s needs are met through the use of individualized, multi-sensory teaching. It is our desire to provide the skills, knowledge, and values that will enable our students to enjoy academic and personal success after Crosland. We encourage our students to become involved in the life of the school, make new friends, and to build new leadership experiences. We help students to grow in their abilities to study and research independently, to think logically and creatively, to communicate ideas in a meaningful way, and to develop their social and interpersonal skills.

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Typical Class Offerings


Algebra 1A
Algebra 1B
Algebra II

Math Continued

Integrated Math


English 9-12


Earth/Environmental Science


History Through Film
US History
World History

Foreign Language

Spanish 1A
Spanish 1B
Spanish II
Spanish III


Physical Education


Digital Photography
Public Speaking
Digital Communication
Reading Tutorial (as needed)

Electives Continued

Reading Comprehension (as needed)
Social Skills (as needed)
Computer Skills
Online Electives
Career Readiness and Exploration
Executive Functioning Support

Our Upper School Education

1 School hours 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., recess and break daily

2 College preparatory curriculum with students earning at least 24 credits in Math, English, Science, History, Spanish, and electives

3 Students bring their own Chromebook and utilize
Google Classroom to help
with organization

4 6 periods a day with time for executive function support with an advisor

5 Electives change annually and have included: Physical Education, Creative Arts, Spanish, Digital Communications, History Through Film, STEAM, Horticulture, Yearbook, IT internships, access to online electives through FuelEd

6 Beta Club (for qualifying students) to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership and service

7 Participation in the College and Career Promise dual enrollment program at Central Piedmont Community College for qualifying students

8 Approved testing site for College Board exams

9 Extracurricular activities: athletics, clubs, social events

10 Regular day and overnight field trips

11 Robust college guidance support that prepares students for life after Crosland and helps them select and apply to post-secondary programs

12 Community service opportunities related to school-wide service learning projects such as Earth Day Beautification Project at neighboring Renaissance Park

Educational Management Plan (EMP)

Each student has an Educational Management Plan. Parent-Team Meetings are held to review and discuss the student’s progress and needs for each class.

In preparation for the EMP we not only work with our students via guidance lessons and individual sessions with Crosland’s School Counselor, we also provide each family with an EMP Parent Form to help them target both short and long term goals for their child.


In Upper School Counseling, we place an emphasis on Executive Functioning and Post-secondary planning. In addition to these overarching themes, our students take part in the following programs: Guidance lessons, Middle & Upper Girls Group, Big Buddy, as well as College and Career Events. These programs are intended to strengthen our students’ social/emotional skills while also encouraging our students to be active in their school community. In addition to Upper School specific programs, students will also participate in a number of school-wide events which include International Day, an Anti-Bullying Campaign, College Week, Career Day, and No Name Calling Week.

College and Career Planning

At The John Crosland School, college and career planning is a unique and personal path for each student. In our Upper School, we strive for an academic environment which supports a student’s choice to pursue either College or Career based learning after high school. Although we often categorize career and college planning in these broad areas, there are a number of opportunities for students when exploring both options.

Helpful Links for High Schoolers

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Rehabilitation Services


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Rehabilitation Services


We celebrate and embrace every child’s unique needs when it comes to education. We would love to speak with you more about your child and find out if the Crosland School is the right choice for you and your family!