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Identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when faced with their feelings of self-doubt or feeling like they are in the wrong place. Do you feel like your child’s unique learning needs are not being met? If you frequently hear comments such as “frustrated,” “inflexible,” or “they need smaller class sizes,” from your child’s teachers or therapists, they may be a good fit for Crosland’s curriculum and community.

At The John Crosland School, we embrace your child for who they are by striving for a harmonious learning environment for all our students. Our school was created to provide an exceptional educational experience for children with learning differences and fulfilling this mission shapes everything we do, including starting the admissions process with support and understanding. 

Crosland uses a rolling admissions policy, accepting applications all year for the following academic year. Depending on availability and student qualifications, students may also be accepted mid-year for the current school year. Our students come from a diverse mix of racial, cultural, and financial backgrounds. Contact me today so that I can share our school with you and we can start to find the path of helping your child feel what it means to belong. 


Keri Cauthen, Director of Enrollment Management

Phone: 704.749.6709
Email: Kcauthen@croslandcomets.org
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00-3:30

Here is an Overview of Our
Admissions Procedures

Admissions Criteria

The following criteria are considered for joining the John Crosland School:

1 Diagnosis of a specific learning disability and/or ADHD

2 Diagnosis of high functioning ASD, if a diagnosis of a specific learning disability and/or ADHD is present

3 IQ results of average or higher

4 No primary behavioral or emotional diagnoses or disorders

The Following Must Be Completed
in an Admissions File


An application for admission must be completely filled out, accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee.

Observation/Classroom Visit

For 3 days, applicants for grades (1-12) will participate in a classroom visit specific to their grade level. For Kindergarten, applications will participate in a classroom visit for 2 days.

School Records

All previous educational records must be submitted. Transcript release forms are included in the application packet and are to be sent directly to the child’s current school. Crosland reserves the right to request further testing if the admissions committee feels more information would be beneficial for the decision-making process.

Additional Evaluations

If available, please submit any occupational, speech and language therapy evaluations.


Parents/Guardians of each applicant should schedule an appointment to learn about the school and tour the facility.

Psychological-Educational Evaluations

Each applicant is required to submit a psychological-educational evaluation completed within the last three years.

Teacher Recommendation Forms

Current teachers of the prospective student must complete an evaluation form. Two evaluation forms, included in the application packet, are required from core subject teachers. The completed forms must be submitted directly from the prospective student’s school to The John Crosland School. These forms are not accepted by parents. If applying online, the forms will be sent directly through the online application portal.

Release of Information

This form must be filed with Crosland so we can request additional information from agencies working with your child.

If you have additional questions please contact the
Advancement & Admissions Office


We celebrate and embrace every child’s unique needs when it comes to education. We would love to speak with you more about your child and find out if the Crosland School is the right choice for you and your family!