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Admissions Criteria

The following criteria are considered for joining the John Crosland School:

1 Diagnosis of a specific learning disability and/or ADHD

2 Diagnosis of high functioning ASD, if a diagnosis of a specific learning disability and/or ADHD is present

3 IQ results of average or higher

4 No primary behavioral or emotional diagnoses or disorders

Our Process

Step 1: Inquire

CLICK HERE to complete our online inquiry form!
A member of the admissions office will then reach out to you to discuss what our school has to offer and answer additional questions.

Step 2: Share

Email a copy of a psychological-educational evaluation conducted by a licensed psychologist indicating a diagnosed learning disability and/or ADHD that is not older than three years. If you do not have this document, please notify us of this during the inquiry process so we can guide you accordingly. 

Step 3: Tour

While our website provides a glimpse of what life is like at The John Crosland School, the only way to truly experience our school is to see it in action! We offer tours throughout the year. Through the inquiry process, a member of the admissions office will assist in scheduling a tour.

Step 4: Apply

In order to complete our online application, you must have an account for our password-protected community. This is established in earlier steps in the admissions process. Please call 704-749-6709 with any questions.
All application steps must be completed in order to move on to step 5. 

Step 5: Student Visit

After submitting your complete application, the Director of Enrollment Management will contact you to schedule a date for your child to experience The John Crosland School. Your child will attend the school for 2-3 days with their current grade/ability level.

Step 6: Decision

After the student visit, the Admissions Committee will meet. Focused on our mission, the committee will make a decision about enrollment. After a decision has been made, the Director of Enrollment Management will reach out with the next steps.