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The John Crosland School’s Foundational Kindergarten Program

The John Crosland School’s Foundational Kindergarten Program

We believe the first day of school is the start of your child’s future. Crosland’s Foundational Kindergarten program serves as a bridge from kindergarten into elementary education, providing students with the time to develop the fundamental skills needed for success in school. In developmentally appropriate settings, our focus on children with learning differences can open a world of opportunities beyond their imagination, right from the start.
Our program focuses on building reading/literacy, mathematical, and technology skills, in an environment that fosters social development and communication aptitude based on NC Standard Course of Study. In a setting that is child-centered and experimental, we will provide structure, yet encourage creativity and interactive learning through multi-sensory instruction.

Our Students:

  • Participate in early literacy activities including Orton-Gillingham based reading instruction.
  • Participate in Reader’s Workshop activities, focusing on concepts of print, phonemic awareness, and comprehension skills.
  • Develop fine motor skills including handwriting through a variety of approaches.
  • Engage in Writer’s Workshop to learn beginning written and oral communication skills to help foster a love of writing.
  • Explore early mathematical concepts such as patterns, concepts of number, sorting and classifying through direct instruction and hands-on math centers.
  • Develop social skills and communication-based lessons focused on character trait development.
  • Discover science and social studies skills through dynamic, rich, sensory play, with a focus on literacy.
  • Participate in art, music, and physical education classes highlighting developmentally appropriate skills through hands-on learning activities.
  • Explore technology as an early-learning tool.

Admissions Process:

  • Complete an admissions application
  • Submit (1) recommendation from a preschool teacher, therapist, tutor, etc.
  • Take an assessment test conducted by a testing professional chosen by The John Crosland School
  • Participate in the 3-day classroom visit
  • Be at least 5 years of age by the June 30th prior to the first day of school

If the student is accepted and enrolled into the Foundational Kindergarten Program at The John Crosland School, and wishes to continue on to first grade, the guardian must submit a complete psychological-educational evaluation for the student by March 1st of their Kindergarten year, in order to be considered for the upcoming academic year’s enrollment.

For more information on our Foundational Kindergarten Program, or for Admissions information, contact Portia Eley at 704-365-5490, or

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